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Litter I 06.01.19 Cornish Rex for breeding


Color: red – white
Male  Y’Wild Wind Harley

Color: red – white
Male  Y’Wild Wind Hugo

Cat point bicolor.
Female Y’Wild Wind Honey

Calico cat.
Female Y’Wild Wind Hannah
Color f03

Litter II 06.01.19

Calico cat.
Female Y’Wild Wind Zlata
Color f03

Calico cat. Female Y’Wild Wind Zima
Color f03

Litter III 07.01.19 Cornish Rex for breeding


Litter British silver chinchilla. Date of birth 21.01.19

Litter Y.  Date of birth: 09.06.17

Male and female

British silver chinchilla point with blue eyes

Male Yoda ( BRI ns 1133)

Female  Yanet ( BRI ns 1133)

All kittens have a full package of documents, a pedigree, a chip and all vaccinations according to the age.


Kittens leave our house not earlier than 16 weeks of age, accustomed to the tray, scratching, vaccinated by age. With a kitten, you get a metric or pedigree (by agreement), confirming the origin of the kitten and an international veterinary passport with note on vaccination and deworming. A kitten is considered reserved if 50% advance payment of the total cost is paid for.

Kittens of potential show class have a peer review before the sale. In the future, the sale or donation of animals must be agreed with the breeder! If the class of the kitten is changed to a lower one, the advance is returned in full or you will be offered another kitten of the declared quality, or other options are discussed by agreement of the parties. I reserve the right to refuse to sell the kitten without explaining the reasons with the return of the advance in full.