Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex is an unusual breed of cats with wavy and thick short hair. They are very clever, understand their owners on an intuitive level, are distinguished by deep affection and they are easy to train, like dogs.

Amazing pets, which was born as a result of gene mutation, symbolize intelligence and spiritual enlightenment. They are energetic, don’t like loneliness and are even able to help their owners with depression. These qualities and refined appearance (the creatures look like the exquisite African athletes) have provided them with a special status in the world of cats.

As a rule, female cats are gentler than male cats. All pets of this breed are constantly waiting for a signal from the owner, calling for tenderness. In response, the owner will receive an ocean of positive energy and gratitude, because these cats are characterized by a full emotional return. Cornish Rex male cats often like to sit on the owner’s shoulder, like parrots.

These cats don’t like when there owners are raised on their voices, and they even may take offense. However, the Cornish Rex cats are resourceful and they aren’t vindictive at all. In general, these animals, with a very noble and gentle character, are not aggressive.