Our cattery “Y’ Wild Wind” is located in Kharkov (Ukraine). We breed Cornish Rex and British Silver Chinchilla. Our cattery is registered in the WCF system in 2017. All pets live together with us in love and care, they are vaccinated in time and provided with quality nutrition. The goal of our cattery is to get healthy animals which comply with the standard as much as possible.

We deliver worldwide.

Sincerely, the owner of the cattery – Bocharnikova Yana Mikhailovna.

Call and write me, I will be glad to talk with you.


Phone: ‎  +38 097 16-59-668 (Kyivstar)

‎  +38 063 76-13-141 (Lifecell)


FaceBook ; Viber and WhatsApp

E-mail: 7613141@ukr.net